About black women matter, inc.


Black Women Matter, Inc. started in 2010 with a simple premise: to provide a community of resources for Black Women to live a happy, healthy, active, and fulfilling life. We also produce and develop events for the health, wellness and success of Black Women from our annual Relax, Relate, Release event and Summer of Self Care Events.  The track record we've accumulated over the years speaks to our commitment to uplifting black women and their families, and the community at large. At our events you will find resources and guests expert advice and tools that can transform your life. We are passionate about promoting positive images of Black women and challenging those who seek to portray us in a constant negative manner and to denigrate our humanity as women.  If you know of a positive or negative image, TV show, campaign etc. that our advocacy team should be aware of please email us at: info@blackwomenmatter.com 

We also specialize in cultural sensitivity training specifically for corporations that develop and target products aimed at African Americans for the purpose of helping marketing excecutives present culturally competent and caring advertisements and marketing campaigns that build trust and loyal relationships.

We partner with brands to develop meaningful, tasteful and respectful culturally appropriate and on trend media campaigns.  If you would like to engage the Black Women Matter Network to help your team develop a lasting relationship with the African American community, we help you understand what we like and don't like, our diversity within our community, and our multi-dimensions.  We help you to be relevant while being respectful.

email: info@blackwomenmatter.com for a phone consultation and an exploratory meeting.



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